BicBie, We recognized the fast growing economy of Laos especially in the financial sector. BicBie focuses on introducing new technology that will help re-define modern banking and financial services. We are specialized in mobile banking and mobile wallet platform, these systems perform all functions that traditional or legacy system do but better, by utilizing world’s best and most advance hand-held device. We aim to create simplicity, security, and reliable services.

A quick look over our Mobile Banking Solutions (Susanoo-X)

At BicBie, we provide the best, reliable, secure, fast, user-friendly mobile banking application that enables you to perform all your financial activities over just your fingertips 24 hours a day and wherever you are. BicBie together with our partners, we developed a comprehensive platform that forms the foundation of Mobile financial services and deployed in retail and corporate banking needs.

Susanoo platform supports the core functions of a traditional internet or ATM banking channel and in its native (OS and Device specific) implementation mode, caters to the needs of the new generation customers who are ‘mobile savvy’ and expects a trendy, on-the-move and quick way to experience banking with their financial services provider. The solution can provide seamless interface with the same look and feel of their traditional ATM or Online channels.
Typical banking functions are provided along with a suite of advanced functions taking advantage of the inherent operating environment and handset capabilities.

The solution is based on the concept of SMARTs including Smart Control, Smart Security, and Smart Reliability. While Smart Control allows user to have a total control of payment process and management, Smart Security acts as an indestructible guard of sensitive banking data involved in the process and Smart Reliability promises a fast and easy deployment and tracking system.

The platform adopts a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and helps the organization respond more rapidly to changing business requirements by composing new solutions from existing business services.

Preventive Maintenance Service

BicBie also offers Preventive Maintenance Service that covers all aspect of your Data Center needs. We help you design robust and effective maintenance procedure for the following components:

  • Electrical System
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply System (UPS)
  • Power Backup (Generator)
  • Precision Air Conditioning System
  • Fire Suppression System (FM200, NOVEC, etc…)
  • Water-Leak Detector System
  • Smoke-Detector System
  • Access Controls
  • Hi-Sensitivity
  • TeleAlarm System
  • CCTV

more information please contact info@bicbie.com

Our Strategic Partner

PromptNow Co., Ltd.